Peak View Global Trust’s mission is to support the basic advancement of humankind, regardless of religion or ideology. We provide tailored funding for philanthropic organizations worldwide in the fields of healthcare, education, alternative energy, infrastructure modernization, and socio-political stability. This involves the rigorous study of funding impact through intimate coordination with local partners and continued collaboration after investment.

Peak View Global Trust believes it is critical for individuals and organizations to work collaboratively to address the critical issues confronting our world today. Whether through philanthropic organizations or research endeavors, people working to better their societies should have the specific funding and resources needed to pursue their goals.

In addition to providing aid to existing organizations, Peak View Global Trust awards grants to individuals and organizations involved in research related to technology, healthcare, alternative energy, socio-political stability and public policy.

Our targeted, impact-oriented funding leverages the best philanthropic practices so that Peak View Global Trust and your organization can be effective, global partners working to further your organization’s mission.