Peak View Global Trust was established in 2008 and has grown to focus on issues such as healthcare, critical infrastructure, alternative energy, and socio-political stability. Working closely with local partners allows us to focus on identifying critical aspects of existing organizations in order to provide focused aid. Our mission is simple, and looks past race, religion and creed to advance long-term, global, and impact-oriented humanitarian aid and long-term development funding.

Peak View Global Trust has two main functions:

  • We provide private funding for existing organizations by pooling our donor contributions. With help in gathering data from these recipient organizations, this funding relationship also enables us to conduct impact assessments intended to develop the best practices in our field. Rather than providing only comprehensive budget support, we work to understand the critical aspects of an existing organization before providing targeted funding that will be leveraged by the organization as a whole.  Although this highly-focused, on-the-ground approach is often challenging, it allows Peak View Global Trust to achieve the greatest positive impact for every investment it makes.
  • In addition to direct funding, Peak View Global Trust’s independent research fund enables even more focused support of issues and fields that are of growing importance in today’s world.

What makes Peak View Global Trust stand apart from other charitable organizations is our approach to direct funding and close collaboration with recipient organizations.  Our funding ensures that your entire organization benefits by focusing on the areas of most significance, such as human resources, equipment, technology investments, training or other support.   Long-term funding is planned and distributed by utilizing achievable short-term goals. This allows us to measure the impact of investments, and to ensure future funding fits within your broader strategy and vision.