Supporting Economic Development Through Sustainability

Peak View Global Trust is a strong advocate for the application of cleaner energy sources worldwide. This drives our support for the provision of alternative energy technology as part of our infrastructure investments. It also drives our mission to increase access to sustainable energy in the developing world.

Millions around the world lack access to basic necessities that we all take for granted – things like clean water and reliable sources of electricity. Through our new initiative, Eco 360, we seek to address the world’s water and power issues by supporting projects and organizations who work to provide millions with access to critical infrastructure.



Sustainable energy plays a crucial role in everyday life. It brings more than just light and power; it provides access and opportunities to people around the globe. Establishing basic, reliable sources of energy is a critical starting point in our mission to sustain economic growth worldwide.  Eco 360 supports a broad range of projects with applications in education, healthcare, telecommunications and micro-enterprise.

Peak View Global Trust believes micro-enterprise approaches to distributive power spark greater economic development.  We work collaboratively with partner organizations to provide funding for:

  • The establishment of grants and loans to purchase high impact community-based solar systems.
  • The installation of lighting and solar power system in schools, clinics and community centers to provide more flexible and constructive hours.
  • The installation of solar mobile charging stations, which allow for improved telecommunications in all aspects of a community’s economic activity.
  • The implementation of Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)-centered projects that help to provide clean water.

We understand electricity brings more than just light and power – it brings opportunities.  It means clinics can safely cool and store medications. It gives businesses the chance to thrive.  To solve the world’s most urgent energy problems, it takes a peak view.



Reliable sources of water are becoming increasingly scarce in many parts of the world. Even where it’s available, many people spend several hours each day retrieving water from sources that are kilometers away. Partnering with local organizations around the world, Eco 360 seeks to solve the global water crisis one project at a time.

In addition to funding research in green energy, Peak View Global Trust works in coordination with partner philanthropic organizations to provide funding for:

  • Integration of technology into current infrastructure and/or business model
  • Application to healthcare, including sustainable access to electricity, sanitary sterilization and storage techniques
  • Application to education infrastructure to allow for flexible or longer school hours with lighting and increased comfort for the student
  • Telecommunications— phone and internet access

Our overall approach to the global energy problem means that we are prepared to support your efforts to identify, implement and expand access to sustainable energy and resources.