SNV-SMARTSNV Smart Development Works

Peak View is supporting SNV Niger’s efforts to establish a robust and sustainable solar market in Niamey and rural areas of Niger. SNV Niger’s work to establish a local solar industry association and execute projects aimed at nurturing this growing source of clean power will have a significant impact for years to come. Click here for information about SNV Niger and its work in the solar development field. Please visit to learn more.

ARTI of Tanzania

Peak View is currently working with ARTI of Tanzania in order to expand access to renewable energy for schools and medical facilities. ARTI is providing power and lighting to two schools and a dispensary as part of its broader work in Tanzania. These projects are executed in close coordination with ARTI using the highly effective Barefoot Power line of products. Peak View will continue to work with ARTI in order to identify further opportunities to advance access to renewable energy. Click here to read more.


Solar Development and Social Enterprise

Peak View is working with Barefoot Power to bring solar access to various parts of the world. Following forums in May and June 2012, Peak View is initiating projects in various countries using Barefoot Power products. We believe these quality products fill a critical gap and provide many with access to basic lighting and charging functionality. Click here if you would like further information about Barefoot Power products or how they could impact your development work.



Peak View Global Trust is partnering with TaTEDO to bring innovative solar technology to rural Tanzania. By working with local stakeholders, TaTEDO is able to advance access to electricity through the application of small-scale solar chargers, lanterns and installed systems. These applications are critical to supporting local commerce and development. For more information about TaTEDO and this initiative click here to read more.


Sri Lanka

Peak View Global Trust is currently working with the Lanka Rainwater Harvesting Forum (LRHF) to implement rainwater harvesting projects throughout Sri Lanka.  LRHF’s impressive efforts to implement facility-integrated rainwater harvesting projects are critical to ensuring access to a safe and sustainable water source.  If you would like to learn more about rainwater harvesting and the LRHF’s efforts visit their website at



Corporate Support

Spire Corporation has agreed to support Peak View Global Trust’s efforts to provide sustainable access to electricity and water by providing small-scale photovoltaic systems and integration support.  Our projects will benefit significantly from the efficient, long-lasting and high quality systems produced by Spire. Similarly, Peak View Global Trust is extremely pleased to have access to Spire’s expertise when designing and integrating systems for a wide range of applications around the world. Please visit for more information about Spire and its wide range of systems, production lines and related equipment.


Peak View Global Trust announces its support of the 2012 International Renewable Energy Congress (IREC) in Sousse, Tunisia 20-22 December 2012. IREC provides a forum for researchers and practitioners from around the world. This is the second year we have supported the IREC, and we look forward to the critical work being conducted. The resulting research and collaborations are critical factors in advancing the field of renewable energy. If you would like to support IREC or its upcoming 2012 events, please visit

Ecole de Preparation a la Recherche Appliquee (EPRA) 2012

Peak View is happy to support Ecole de Preparation a la Recherche Appliquee (EPRA) 2012, a research program focused on the application of sensor networks and RFID technology. This research program will significantly impact the ability of experts and industry professionals in the region to further explore the applicability and limits of sensor networks and RFID technology in photovoltaic applications, as well as across industries. For more information about EPRA 2012 and ways you can support this research program, visit

Commande de Machines Electriques et Reseaux de Puissance (CMERP)

We are currently working with Commande de Machines Electriques et Reseaux de Puissance (CMERP), the research unit at the University of Sfax focusing on controlling electronic machines and power networks. Among other areas of research, CMERP is currently developing new curriculum to incorporate cutting edge technologies into their university programs and research projects. These include: modeling, monitoring and control of electronic machines; modeling, optimization and management of solar energy; and monitoring, diagnostics and numerical control of industrial processes. Please visit to learn more about their exciting work and support their efforts.